Gone Shooting


Did you know shooting ranges can provide you with zombie targets? I did not, though it seems obvious in retrospect.

Eight of us went shooting, and I wasn’t even the least experienced person! That was awesome.

We decided to go for an indoor range since it was cold out and we were worried about rain. It didn’t rain. And, ironically, the indoor range was far colder. Lucky for me that I had my typing gloves in my bag. Of course, it is good practice for fleeing to the frozen north.

I’d like to claim that all those shots on the zombie are mine, but they aren’t. I did land several, though.

Practice with firearms is clearly going to be a big deal. Even more so than, in, say, your standard post apocalyptic Mad Max style society where all you have to worry about are other people.

The threat of a gun would be sufficient to stop some folks, a flesh wound would be sufficient to stop others, and still others could be taken out via shots to key parts of the body. Even with the kind of mutated monsters you might be dealing with in a nuclear disaster style apocalypse, you can hit them in key areas to immobilize them.  But with a zombie, you always have to hit the head.

Which brings us to the key lesson learned that day:

Get a shotgun.

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  1. Adam says:

    I totally agree with your conclusion. The shotgun is a very versatile weapon. With the right choice of shells, it can be used for zombie defense, small game hunting, bird hunting, large game hunting, riot suppression, lockbreaking, ad if you have contacts in the Argentinean military, stopping armored vehicles. I’m quite happy with my police-surplus Beretta 1201. Cheap and effective with a minor amount of customization.

    Also, I hate it when it’s chilly outside, but colder inside the shooting range.


  2. Adam says:

    Another thought that recently occurred to me (while debating entering a competition shoot) is that an IPSC-style event would be excellent training for the zombie apocalypse. You should think about entering one. The ones in my neck of the woods only cost $15 to enter (plus the cost of ammo). Some places also do shotgun and rifle events, as well as pistol.

    Just another $0.02.


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